Goals & Intentions

White Lotus Retreats, LLC is a subsidiary company of White Lotus Therapies, LLC. It is owned and operated by Leah Wilson-Felis and her husband, David Felis.


White Lotus Retreats aims to provide annual Thai yoga massage training courses and certification for massage therapists and yoga instructors while traveling internationally.


Participants can vacation for a month in Costa Rica and return home proficient in a new healing modality!


Retreats also take place in Thailand, where attendees are immersed in the vibrant culture, delicious food and deep roots of Thai yoga massage while also being trained in this ancient practice.


In the future, White Lotus Retreats hopes to put down roots abroad and hold yoga teacher training courses, as well as massage and healing-based retreats and training sessions.


Currently, we hope to guide a group in Thailand in 2022; however, with COVID-19, plans are on hold for the time being.