Yoga Wall Therapy

What is YogaWall?

YogaWall is an incredible tool that allows length and space to form in the body while practitioners create organic alignment using specific yoga postures. A series of plates, anchors and straps or ropes are used to suspend the body from the wall. Sometimes an inversion posture is used, which allows gravity to bring space into the body where the stretch is focused. The equipment is also used to help ease the body into postures that would typically be very advanced in a floor-based yoga class, where gravity works against the body in order to allow for strength gains.


This style of yoga comes from the Iyengar RopeWall, which is the method BKS Iyengar created using ropes attached to hooks mounted to a wall. He wanted a method that allowed his students to find optimum alignment in their yoga asanas.


In the early 80’s, Kendric Wolfe created the Great Yoga Wall, a newer and more convenient method of the Iyengar system that incorporated adjustable pelvic belts and nylon straps, in order to accommodate all body types and heights.


Palkhivala became one of the first yoga teachers to utilize The Great Yoga Wall and created the “Spinal Rejuvenation Sequence,” which is a method Leah uses extensively in her YogaWall and RopeWall sessions.


Yoga practitioners, physical therapists, sports trainers and fitness instructors alike find immense benefit incorporating the YogaWall methods into their fitness and therapy sessions.

Leah was taught the YogaWall method in 2017 by Amanda Neufeld, owner of Yoga Studio Satya in Colorado Springs. Yoga Studio Satya is the home of the only certified Iyengar Ropewall in the state of Colorado.


You can read an article about the wall and owner, here.


Yoga Class To Try: Iyengar Rope-Wall Workshop – at the Yoga Journal.


In 2018, Leah and one of her clients adapted the official Iyengar YogaWall into an independent design, making a wall that accommodates three students at a time. The wall is located in Woodland Park, at the White Lotus Therapies office.


Private and small group RopeWall sessions may be scheduled by contacting Leah via phone or email.


Leah also teaches a traditional YogaWall session each Sunday at Yoga Studio Satya at 12:00pm. Be sure to reserve a space ahead of time by visiting the Yoga Studio Satya website or downloading the app at (Due to COVID-19 space is limited and walk-ins are not accepted unless space is available.)