Leah Wilson-Felis, Licensed Massage Therapist

Leah Wilson-Felis is a Colorado native and began her study of yoga and eastern philosophy at a very young age, tutoring under her mentor and ballet instructor, Kimberly Klein.


By 2007, Leah was a certified yoga instructor and taught classes at the local dance studio. Directly after high school, she began a learning curriculum at the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. Her massage practice began promptly following her graduation from the Institute.


As part of her continuing education credits, Leah later enrolled in an introductory Thai Yoga Massage course with Sunny Klaber-Vanderstar, the former owner of Integral Travel, a company based in Boulder, Colorado.


Thai yoga massage was a natural extension of Leah’s healing modalities, and she excelled at its method. Sunny saw this and urged her to travel to Thailand to become certified in Thai massage. In 2013, Leah followed the suggestion, and Thailand became a reality.


Sunny became pregnant with twins  in 2015 and was unable to teach her massage course in Thailand that year. So she asked Leah to take her place guiding the group through the country, further expanding Leah’s experience as a retreat guide, teacher and massage practitioner.


While teaching the philosophies of the Thai culture and the techniques of Thai bodywork on the retreat, Leah deeply connected with her desire to help others heal themselves and create longevity through massage work as well as learning and implementing these ancient modalities in their own lives.


Leah currently runs a private massage and yoga practice called White Lotus Therapies in Woodland Park, Colorado.


She is also a yoga instructor at several yoga studios in the Pike’s Peak Region and runs educational retreats internationally.


In 2019, Leah was invited to guide a large-scale workshop at the Colorado Chapter of American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) convention in Denver and began implementing her own Thai Yoga Bodywork curriculum at the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT) for a DPOS approved 124 hour Thai Yoga Massage Program.


Leah is recognized by the National Certification Board of Therapeautic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).


In 2020, Leah hopes to dive into the science of Astrology in order to add another facet of healing to her practice and help guide people to embody who they are truly destined to be!